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Agreement to the terms

Please check out the Terms and Conditions carefully for MAD STARS membership

All the personal information handled by MAD STARS has been collected, possessed, and handled by basing on the relevant laws or according to the consent of the main agent of the information.
‘The Personal Information Handling Act’ presents the general canons regarding the handling of such personal information. And MAD STARS will lawfully and reasonably handle the personal information that is collected, possessed, and handled according to the regulations of such laws for the appropriate performance of public work and the protection of the rights and interests of the citizens. Also, according to the regulations in the related laws, MAD STARS shall respect the rights and the interests the many people, including the claim for the inspection, the claim for the correction, etc. regarding the personal information that is possessed by MAD STARS. And you, the many people, can claim an administrative trial according to the decisions in the Administrative Trial Act regarding the encroachments upon the rights and the interests in such laws and the others of the like.

The handling of the personal information of the homepage users - The personal information handling on the MAD STARS homepage.

1. The personal information that is automatically collected and stored.

In the case of using the MAD STARS homepage, the following information gets collected and stored automatically.
The Internet server domain of you, the users, and the address of the website you went through when visiting the MAD STARS homepage.

The types and the OS of the users’ browsers.

The date and the time of the visit and the others of the like.

To provide even better services to you, the users, the information that gets automatically collected and stored as above will be used for the statistical analyses for the improvements and the supplementations of the homepage, the smooth communication between the user and the website, etc. Except, please keep in mind that there can be cases in which such information is submitted to a different place according to the regulations of the laws.
For the security of the homepage, there have been managerial and technological endeavors. However, please avoid writing any sensitive information that can become problematic if and when there is an encroachment accident.

2. The guidance on the department collecting personal information, the details of the collections, etc.

The personal information collected through the MAD STARS homepage has been safely managed by the concerned department. And the present situation is as below.

Name of the personal information file: The member’s management on the homepage.

Collection details: Name, telephone number, e-mail address, and address.

Purpose of collection: The operation and the management of the homepage, the use by the community, etc.

Collecting department: Business Team +82 (0)51-623-5539

To ensure that all the collected pieces of information, including the personal information, are accurate and complete and that they are always maintained in the latest condition, the user must immediately renew in case a change occurs to the personal information.
MAD STARS has been doing its utmost so that your personal information is used safely.
The responsibility to maintain the security regarding the password of the ID related to the personal information of the user lies in the concerned user. As, at MAD STARS, there are no cases in which a direct question is made to the user regarding the password through any method, please be especially cautious so that the password is not leaked to other people.

3. The information collected through e-mails, web forms, etc.

At MAD STARS, diverse pieces of information have been provided (sent) to the members through e-mails and others of the like. These are provided in the e-mails of the members who agreed to the receipt of the information when signing up. In case the receipt of the information is no longer desired, one can always refuse the receipt at any time with the e-mail that has been received. You, the users, can indicate your intentions through electronic methods by mail, telephone, online electronic form, etc. We inform you of a few matters to be attended to about the selection of such a method.

The matters you wrote on the homepage can be checked or read by other people.

Based on the relevant law and regulation, the matters you have written can be shared with other people who need them. And they can be used as the materials for the enforcement of the relevant law and policy development.

Also, such information can be shared with other government departments or provided according to the need.

4. The restrictions on the use of personal information and the refusal regarding disclosure to a third party.

MAD STARS shall not leak or distribute to the 3rd parties or use for commercial purposes all the information collected and acquired without the consent of the person concerned according to ‘The Personal Information Handling Act’. Except, the matters below shall be the exceptions.

1) The case in which there is a demand by a related organization with the investigation purpose according to the relevant law.
2) As a case in which it is needed for writing statistics, academic research, or market investigation, the case of processing a specific individual in a form that cannot be recognized and then provided.
3) The other cases in which there is a request according to the procedures decided in the related laws.

5. The matters related to the homepage access (The use of the cookies).

To provide specialized and customized services to the users, MAD STARS uses cookies that store and frequently call in the information of the users. The cookies are the minimum amount of information that the server (HTTP) used in operating the website sends to the computer browser of the user. And they are also stored in the hard disks within the computers of the users.
For the users to use the membership services by signing in (logging in) after accessing the MAD STARS homepage, cookies must be permitted. To provide suitable and more useful services to the users, MAD STARS finds the information on the ID by using the cookies. Although the computer of the user distinguishes the cookies, the users are not personally distinguished.
Regarding the cookies, the users can select whether or not to use them. All the cookies can be permitted by setting up the option on the web browser. And every time the cookies are stored, the confirmation can be gone through or the storage of all the cookies can be rejected. Except, in the case of refusing the storage of the cookies, a part of the services that require the signing in may not be used.

6. The purpose of the use of the personal information that has been collected.

MAD STARS has been accurately stating the purpose of the use when collecting personal information. And the pieces of personal information collected are used for the purposes below.
The name, the ID, the password, etc. are used for distinguishing the person concerned according to the use of the services. The e-mail address, telephone number, etc. are for securing smooth communication channels, including those for the delivery of the notices, the confirmation of the intentions of the persons concerned, the handling of the dissatisfaction, etc. And the purpose of the other materials is the utilization of the materials for the provision of personal, customized services.

7. The approaches regarding the restricted domains on the homepage.

Although the materials regarding which the services take place through the homepage are provided without any member access (signing in) or free of charge, a part of the services below goes through the membership access.
Regarding the services that are subject to member access, they are the services using the homepage, and there are no services that require any separate confirmation procedures.

8. The security measures are managed on the homepage.

For the security or the continued service of the homepage, MAD STARS has been managing many programs for not only the control (monitoring) of the network traffic but also for the detection of attempts, including the illegal change of the information and others of the like. When storing and transmitting the data that had been collected for the securing of the safety regarding the personal information of the members, MAD STARS has been handling by encrypting. And the pieces of personal information that have been collected have been stored on the server.

9. The linked site and the webpage.

In case you move to a different site or webpage by clicking a link or a banner included on the webpage managed by MAD STARS, regarding the privacy policy, please confirm the policy of the newly visited site with the policy posted by the organization managing the site is being applied.

10. The acquisition of other people’s personal information while using the homepage.
You must not acquire any personal information that can distinguish the e-mail address and others on the homepage managed by MAD STARS. A person who has read, or received the provision of, such personal information through a false or other illegal method can receive the punishment according to the regulations of Article 71 of The Personal Information Protection Act.

11. Change of the privacy policy.

In the case of changing the privacy policy, including ‘The Personal Information Protection Act’, the times of the change and the enforcement and the comparison between the details before the change and after the change shall be disclosed on the MAD STARS homepage.

12. The inquiries regarding the privacy policy and the encroachments.

In the case of discovering a fact about which there is the worry of an encroachment upon the rights and interests of the main agent of the information, including the possibility of the leakage of personal information during the use of the homepage of MAD STARS, please inform us at the following contact information

Officer responsible for the management of the personal information at MAD STARS: Hyojin Heo

Person in charge of the handling of the personal information: Jeongeun Kim
Telephone number: +82 (0)51-623-5539 / Fax: +82 (0)51-623-5529
Address: #1011, 71, Centum dong-ro, Haeundae-gu, Byucksan e-Centum Class Won Second Building, Busan, Republic of Korea, 48059

Date of enforcement: The privacy policy shall be enforced from March 30, 2012