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New Stars

New Stars MAD Competition is creative marketing & advertising competition
for junior creatives all over the globe.
It aims to develop their skills and inspire junior creatives around the world,
expanding and facilitating human network.

NEW STARS is a competition for in-service workers under 5 years of career all over the world to submit fresh ideas based on the subject of the contest that would be announced on-site for 30 hours during the MAD STARS.

Participants show off fresh ideas & performances to various global veterans from diverse industry.
Judges get together to judge fairly and select winner to be next New Stars.
It gives the chance to compete with creators who perform a brilliant exploit in the field of creative and expand your human network to the world.

Are you ready to dive into the creative journey, which you gain recognition from the world and satisfy insatiable curiosity to learn?

New Stars MAD Competition 2024
20 August (Tue) – 23 August (Fri), 2024
BEXCO, Busan, Republic of Korea
19 Aug. (Mon) 20 Aug. (Tue) 21 Aug. (Wed) 22 Aug. (Thu) 23 Aug. (Fri) 24 Aug. (Sat)

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·Announce the Subject

·Start the Competition

·Finish the Competition

·Close to Submit

·MAD STARS Opening Ceremony & Gala


·Enjoy MAD STARS freely

·New Stars Networking Party

·MAD STARS Networking Party

·Special Sessions & Conversation with Juries

·Enjoy MAD STARS freely

·MAD STARS Awards Show & Closing Gala

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※ Competition schedule could be changed.
Prize and Benefit
Prize Number Benefit
Gold 1 Trophy
Silver 1 Trophy
Bronze 1 Trophy
Crystal 2 Certificate

-Actual advertisement execution of award-winning campaign (Requires consultation with sponsors)

-Opportunity to participate in overseas promotion of MAD STARS for Gold Winners

-Provides special promotion opportunities for award-winning works and portfolios using a pool of over 2,000 MAD STARS judges

Winners Announcement
23 August (Fri) / MAD STARS Award Show
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