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Young Stars AD Competition
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Apply for Preliminary Round of Young Stars MAD Competition 2024

1Registration Period (Submit Application and Portfolio)

  • Period : 18 March (Mon) - 26 May (Sun), 2024
  • Announcement : 11 June (Tue), 2024 (At MAD STARS Website)

    ※ Competition schedule could be changed

2Eligible Participants

  • Individual or team of 2
  • Students currently in college or university, graduate students (Master's degree), and students on leave
  • Military service personnel and those with suspension of graduation

    ※ Non-major-related and proof of enrollment is required

    ※ After University graduation, Advertising Academy students operated by another institution cannot participate

3How to Apply

  • STEP 0
    Sign in
  • STEP 1
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3
    Complete to write
  • STEP 4
  • STEP 5

4Submission Material

  • Application form : You can fill out form at MAD STARS website (Only in English)
  • Portfolio : Must be converted into PDF files put together as a single file and upload

    (Number of portfolios and pages are not limited and It is available in any languages)

    ※ It is allowed to submit portfolio with team or separately as a free subject

  • Winning certification (Optional) : The other contest winner has to scan and combine with one PDF file

    ※ Upload the portfolio and winning certification capacity of 20MB or less on the entry form

5Selection Criteria

  • Clear reasons for applying, Award winning career and portfolio, Introduction of your team and Sincerity toward YOUNG STARS

6Benefits for Finalist

  • Free Registration to access MAD STARS 2024 (Including Opening Ceremony, Awards, Exhibition, Conference)
  • Opportunity to attend Networking Party with Young Stars juries
  • Provide winning trophy to whom win a bronze or over (1 trophy per team)
  • Provide certificates of participation for all finalist

    ※ Accommodation, Airfare, meals and transportation costs are not provided


  • Gold, Silver, Bronze and Crystal
    ※ Awards can be changed depending on the final judge result.

8Registration Fee

  • KRW 300,000 per person (Remittance fees paid by oneself)

    ※ Only team for final would need to pay for registration fee (Announce in detail through contact personally)

    ※ Registration fees cannot be refunded due to personal affairs