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All personal data handled by MAD STARS is collected, retained, and processed based on relevant laws or with the consent of the information owner.
The Act on Processing of Personal Data proposes general standards for handling personal data. MAD STARS handles personal data collected, retained and processed in accordance with the provisions of the Act, and associated regulations legally and appropriately in order to implement public affairs appropriately and protect the rights and interests of the public.
Further, we respect your rights and interests, e.g. the right to request access and the right to request modification of personal data held by MAD STARS as stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations. You are entitled to file an administrative appeal in accordance with the Administrative Appeals Act for infringement of rights and interests under the aforementioned laws and regulations.

1Personal data automatically collected and stored

  • The following information shall be automatically collected and stored when using the MAD STARS homepage: • The domain of your Internet server and address of websites from which you accessed the MAD STARS’ homepage. • Browser type and OS • Date of visit Data that is automatically collected and stored shall be utilized to provide better services, statistical analysis for improvement and supplementation of our homepage, and seamless communication between users and the website. Please keep in mind, however, that there are cases where such information may be submitted externally in accordance with provisions of laws and regulations. Although MAD STARS offer administrative and technical efforts for the purpose of securing the homepage, please refrain from indicating sensitive information that may cause problems in case of infringement.

2Collection department of personal data and content

  • The personal data collected through the MAD STARS homepage is safely managed by the department in charge, and the status is as follows: • Personal data file name: Homepage member management • Collection details: Name, phone number, e-mail, and address • Purpose of collection: Homepage operation and management, community use • Collection department: Planning and Operation Team, 051-623-5539 For the sake of keeping all collected information, including personal data, accurate, complete, and up-to-date, users must immediately update their personal data as changes occur. MAD STARS endeavors to maintain safe use of personal data. The user shall be responsible for maintaining the security of IDs and passwords related to users’ personal data. MAD STARS does not directly request user passwords under any circumstances. Hence, please take special care not to reveal your password to other parties.

3Information collected through e-mail and web forms

  • MAD STARS provides (sends) various information to members through e-mail. Such information is sent via e-mail to members who have agreed to receive information when signing up for membership. Even if you no longer wish to receive information, you can unsubscribe at any time via the received e-mail. You may express your intentions electronically by mail, phone, or online electronic form. There are some considerations in choosing these methods. • Data you provided on the homepage may be inquired or viewed by others. • Data you provided can be shared with other parties who require such information based on relevant laws and regulations, and can also be used as data for enforcement of related laws and policy development. • Such information may be shared with other ministries or provided if necessary.

4Restriction of use of personal data and refusal of disclosure to third parties

  • MAD STARS shall not disclose or distribute any acquired information to third parties without your consent in accordance with the ‘Act on Processing of Personal Data’, and shall not use acquired information for commercial purposes. However, exceptions are as follows: 1) Upon request from the relevant agency for investigation purposes in accordance with the relevant laws 2) When necessary for statistics, academic research, or market research, information from a specific individual will be processed and provided in anonymous form 3) Upon request in accordance with the procedures stipulated in other relevant laws

5Matters related to homepage access (use of cookies)

  • To provide user-oriented services, MAD STARS uses 'cookies' that store and retrieve user information frequently. Cookies are the minimum amount of information that the server (HTTP) use to operate the homepage sends to the user's computer browser, and may be stored on the hard disk of the user's computer.
    Users must allow cookies in order to log-in to the MAD STARS homepage and use the member service. MAD STARS uses cookies to identify user ID information to provide suitable and useful services to users. Cookies identify the user's computer, but do not identify users.
    Users may choose or refuse to use cookies. Users can allow all cookies, check each time a cookie is saved, or even refuse to save all cookies by setting options in the web browser. If, however, you refuse to store cookies, you may not be able to use some services that require login.

6Purpose of use of collected personal data

  • MAD STARS clearly states the purpose of use when collecting personal data, and the collected personal data is used for the following purposes:
    • Name, ID, password: Identification according to service use • E-mail address, phone number: To ensure smooth communication channels such as delivery of information, confirmation of one's intention, and complaint handling • Other data: To provide personalized service

7Access to restricted areas of the homepage

  • The materials serviced on the homepage are basically provided free of charge even without member access (login), but some of the services below require member access. Services subject to member access are those that utilize the homepage’s functionality, and there is no service that requires a separate confirmation procedure.

8Security measures operated by the website

  • For homepage security or continuous service, MAD STARS operates various programs to monitor network traffic as well as detect illegal attempts to change information. MAD STARS encrypts and processes collected data when storing and transmitting to ensure safety of members' personal data, and collected personal data is stored on a secure server.

9Link sites and web pages

  • If you switch to another site or web page by clicking on a link or banner on the webpage operated by MAD STARS, the Privacy Policy posted by the website operating organization applies. Therefore, please check the policy for newly visited sites.

10Acquisition of personal data of others while using the homepage

  • You must not acquire personal data that can identify email address from the homepage operated by MAD STARS. A person who has reviewed or received personal data by false or otherwise unlawful means may be punished under Article 71 of the Act on Processing of Personal Data.

11Changes to the Privacy Policy

  • In case of changing Privacy Policy, e.g. the Act on Processing of Personal Data, the time of modification and enforcement, the modified content and the content before and after the modification shall be compared and disclosed on the MAD STARS homepage.

12Matters concerning handling of complaints related to the person in charge of personal data protection and personal data

  • If you find any facts that may infringe on the rights and interests of the information owner, such as possibility of personal data leakage while using the MAD STARS homepage, please provide notification via the following contact information: • MAD STARS Personal data manager: Heo Hyo-jin • Person in charge of personal data: Kim Jong-un • Email: • Phone No.: 051)623-5539 / Fax: 051)623-5529 • Address: #1011, 71, Centum dong-ro, Haeundae-gu, Byucksan e-Centum Class Won Second Building, Busan, Republic of Korea, 48059